Abbotsford Quarantine Station

Happy Friday everyone! This is a photo of the old animal quarantine station on the shores of Hen and Chicken Bay in Abbotsford located in the inner west of Sydney. To the left (green shed) you can see the old piggery and to the rear the cattle stables. There were also horse stalls, dog kennels, a cattery, various food stores and kitchens, an incinerator and a caretakers cottage. Many of which are still standing today.

I believe the animal quarantine stations moved here after previously being located at Bradley’s head where Taronga Zoo is now located and opened in 1916. The station was also used as a military store during the second world war during which time it was closed as a quarantine station due to restrictions on animal imports.

Over the years many residents were opposed to the station due to the smell and noise from the animals as well as the smoke from the incinerator. But it remained opened until 1980 when operations were moved west to Wallgrove.

It has now been converted to a public park called Quarantine Reserve where you can explore the old buildings. But be careful! Some local residents believe the station to be haunted and have reported seeing outlines of animals as they go on their twilight strolls through the reserve

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Note: I try to be as accurate as possible but make no guarantees. Use this information at your own risk! Especially the bit about the site being haunted.


Abbotsford Quarantine Reserve

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