Aboriginal Rock Carvings at Gladesville

If you look closely at the photo above you can make out the outlines of two jumping kangaroos or wallabies. These carvings are some of the 11 or so found in the Glades Bay Native Gardens area in Gladesville.

This area (and carvings) are at what was once a campsite for the local Aborigines called the Cammeraigal. Axe grinding grooves, remains of shells and blackened caves can also be found in the area as evidence of life before European settlement in the area.

It’s a lovely short walk clearly full of history, far enough away from the suburbs to be able to imagine a peaceful life here before Europeans arrived. While life after European settlement is well documented in comparison it’s important to remember the traditional occupants of Sydney that lived here for thousands of years prior.

Do you know of any other Aboriginal rock carvings around Sydney?

Please see the map below for the location of Glades Bay Native Gardens.

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  1. Matt said:

    Nice pic!

    June 28, 2015

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