ANZAC War Memorial, Hyde Park

On this day of national remembrance of Australians who have served or currently serve our country in military or peacekeeping operations I thought it was appropriate to post this photo of the ANZAC War Memorial located in Hyde Park.

The ANZAC Memorial’s official website is and is from where I have extracted much of this information.

The memorial was originally created as a place to remember the impact on of WWI (1914-1918). One year after the 1915 Gallipoli campaign a fund was established and planning had begun. A competition was run in 1929 for the design of the building which was won by Australian architect Charles Bruce Dellit. Bruce Dellit worked in collaboration with George Rayner Hoff who was an English sculptor who had migrated to Sydney in the 1920s. He had served with the Royal Engineers in both France and Germany during the Great War.

While Mr Dellit designed the building Rayner Hoff designed the artwork. These pieces include stone figures sitting on the outside of the building representing military personnel. He also designed the main feature on the inside, the bronze sculpture of the deceased youth surrounded by three female figures which represent his mother, sister and wife. The inside of the building also includes a domed roof with 120,000 Gold stars symbolising the number of NSW military volunteers involved in WWI.

As can be seen in the photo there is a large rectangular pool in front of the memorial. This is the “Lake of Reflections”. It’s flanked by poplars which are native to France symbolising the areas in which Australian troops fought during WWI. Similar pools were planned for the other sides of the memorial.

Lest we forget.

Note: I try to be as accurate as possible but make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk.


ANZAC War Memorial Hyde Park Sydney

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