AWA Tower – Sydney’s Eiffel Tower

This is a photo of the AWA tower located at 45-47 York Street in the CBD. It was built in 1939 as the headquarters for the Almalgamated Wireless Australiasia Ltd. Standing at 111 metres tall it was Sydney’s tallest building at the time. It remained the tallest until 1962 when the 25 storey AMP building was built.

The building consists of 12 floors and a 46 metre tower that was designed to resemble the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was demolished and rebuilt in 1994, however rebuilt without the previous viewing platform that was located at the base of the tower at 97 metres high. There is also a pegasus (flying horse) on the front of the building.

AWA was a broadcaster and maker of radios as well as other electronic equipment. They were notably the first company to manufacture televisions in Australia.

Uses of the building include a restaurant in the basement, a sales room, a place where people could send radiograms, a radio school, studios and of course office space.

Other Photos

Front view of AWA Tower
Front view of AWA Tower
AWA Tower from behind
AWA Tower from behind

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