Bondi Beach – Sydney’s most famous beach

This is an old photo of #Bondibeach courtesy of the State Records NSW. Bondi is one of #Sydney’s most famous beaches & is located 7kms east of the city. #Bondi is named after the #Aboriginal word “Boondi” which reportedly means “water breaking over rocks”. Aboriginal people occupied the area before #European settlement evidenced by numerous rock carvings of sea creatures in the area.

After European settlement, Bondi was a part of a private estate until 1882 when the government made it a public reserve. Although owners did allow public access to the #beach from the mid-1800s. The beach was accessed by foot from Bondi Junction until the first tramway reached the beach in 1884.

In 1938 the beach was struck by a series of large waves (Tsunamis?), tragically causing 5 people to drown & over 250 rescued or resuscitated. This day became known as “Black Sunday”.

Between 1935 & 1961 beach inspectors patrolled the sands to maintain the decency of swimming costumes. Costumes were required to meet certain dimensions, if they did not the offenders would be escorted off the beach. This became particularly controversial after the invention of the #bikini after #WWII. I wonder how busy these inspectors would be if they patrolled today?

Significant buildings at the beach include the Bondi Pavilion & Bondi Icebergs of which I will dedicate individual posts of soon.

Bondi is the location of the world’s first formal surf life saving club formed in 1906. This club was one of the first to use the life saving reel of which one of its first uses was to save two young boys in 1907. One of those boys was named Charles Kingsford Smith, arguably Australia’s most famous pioneer aviators.

Lastly, Bondi hosted the beach volleyball competition at the 2000 Olympics. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!

Note: I try to be as accurate as possible but make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk!

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Bondi Beach Sydney

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