David Jones Christmas Display

This is a photo of the corner of Market and Elizabeth streets in the CBD. For 11 months of the year this is mostly a thoroughfare for people exiting St James Station and wandering into the main shopping district of the city, however in December it is transformed into one of the busiest spots in the CBD.

It has long been a tradition for many Sydneysiders, especially those with children, to pay a visit to this spot to view the David Jones Christmas display. Every year for as long as most people can remember, David Jones have carefully put together magical displays of Santa, elves, polar bears, toys and nativity scenes which excite children and capture the hearts of those susceptible to Christmas fever.

It is not uncommon for crowds to build to 3 or 4 rows deep as Christmas approaches. Normally with children pointing, squealing and pressing their noses against the glass. However last year’s “colouring in” themed display was largely met with disappointment due to over commercialisation, it appears this year’s display has been much more positively received. Its theme is the story of Pete the Polar bear and his friends who are depicted preparing toys for Santa’s departure on Christmas eve.

The relatively new owners of David Jones appear to have listened to their customers’ feedback and have resurrected the centrepiece for what is a long standing tradition for many long term Sydneysiders. It’s well worth a visit especially if you have excitable children. Have a great Christmas everyone!

Note: I try to be as accurate as possible but make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk.


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