The Mortlake Ferry (or Putney Punt)

This is the #Mortlake #Ferry (or #Putney Punt) which carries vehicles between Mortlake and Putney across the #Parramatta river in #Sydney’s inner west.

The ferry opened in May 1928 providing residents on the north side of the river transport to and from the factory areas of Mortlake prior to the construction of the #Ryde #Bridge. Many of these workers were employees of the #Australian Gas Light Company (AGL) which occupied 32 hectares of the Mortlake #peninsula between 1886 and 1990. The other alternatives for workers to cross the river were the #Meadowbank #Punt or rowing across the river themselves.

There are approximately ten remaining cable ferries like the Mortlake Ferry still in operation in New South Wales. The Mortlake Ferry being the only one still used on Sydney Harbour’s water network.

It can carry a maximum of 15 cars at a time and has right of way over the Sydney #Ferries fleet unless a prior agreement is made by radio contact. The 300 metre trip takes approximately 5 minutes and can be taken on demand on weekdays during the peak traffic times or approximately every half an hour on the weekends.

The ferry is protected by a #heritage order by the National Trust of Australia.

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Mortlake Ferry Punt

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