The New Federation Pavilion Centennial Park

Our last post was on the original Federation pavilion which is located in Cabarita Park and which played such an important part of the ceremony for inauguration of the Commonwealth in 1901. For this post we’re focusing on the new Federation Pavilion which commemorates the site where 60,000 people gathered for the inauguration ceremony.

I need to acknowledge Paul Ashton’s book titled “The People’s Park: Centennial Park – A History” as well as a variety of other online resources used to pull these details together.

After the Federation ceremony and removal of the original pavilion the Federation Stone was placed to mark the spot on a sandstone pedestal surrounded by a picket fence. It remained there until 1988 when the new Federation Building was opened as part of the Bicentennial celebrations.

It was designed by Alexander Tzannes who won a design competition for the monument. It’s based on a circle which symbolises unity. It has a marble laid interior with symbolic artworks of both European and Aboriginal significance representing various aspects of Australia.

It’s also now the home of the federation stone which we will discuss further in our next post.

The inscription on the outside of the Pavilion are the words “Mammon or Mellennial Eden” which are paraphrased from the poem “Australia” by Bernard O’Dowd (1901) and which posed questions on whether Australia would become corrupt or be a paradise that would last 1000 years. This is said to have summed up the feeling of people of Australia in 1901.

Note: I try to be as accurate as possible but make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk.

“The People’s Park: Centennial Park – A History” book by Paul Ashton, Kate Blackmore and Armanda Scorrano

The New Federation Pavilion Centennial Park

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