The Norman Lindsay Gallery in the Blue Mountains

This photo was taken at the Norman Lindsay Gallery, located in the Blue Mountains suburb of Faulconbridge and which displays the works of its long-time owner, the famous artist and author, Norman Lindsay.

Lindsay lived at the property for over 50 years from 1912 to 1969, aside from some of that time spent overseas and in the city. Lindsay purchased the property in 1912 with his soon to be wife Rose Soady, they named the estate “Springwood”. They made many changes to the property, including construction of an etching studio, retaining walls, fountains, pools and planting of gardens many of which are still there today.

Lindsay lived from 1879 to 1969 and was an influential internationally recognised artist. His career included a lengthy association with the Sydney Bulletin, a weekly newspaper magazine. He travelled and worked across the world including Europe and the USA. Arguably his most famous work was his novel “The Magic Pudding”, published in 1918. Sometimes his works caused controversy with some publications, notably his novels “Redheap” and “Age of Consent”, banned at various times due to censorship. Interestingly, Lindsay’s works also include a number of propaganda and recruitment posters produced for the government during WWI.

Lindsay had long wished for the property to be converted into a gallery, his vision is realised today as it displays many of his works including watercolours, etchings and ship models. Not to mention numerous suggestive sculptures, the majority of which portray aspects of the female form, and fountains which are found in the carefully manicured gardens.

The gallery is a great place a stroll in the gardens or a look at Lindsay’s work. It is managed by the National Trust of Australia and a recommended stop on a trip to the Blue Mountains.

Note: I try to be as accurate as possible but make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk.


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