Randwick Toll House, ANZAC Parade

This is the old Randwick Toll house located in a prominent position on ANZAC parade at the Moore Park Golf Club, which is just opposite Federation Way which we featured in our last post.

Toll houses were quite common on the outskirts of Sydney in the 1800s to fund road development as the new colony grew. Many of these major roads are the ones we use today to get in and out of the CBD, with toll houses generally positioned at the entrance to the city.

This particular toll house was used to collect tolls from travellers heading towards Randwick and beyond to La Parouse. It was used as for toll collection from 1861 to 1890 and is the only city toll house still standing today.

After it’s life as a toll house in 1914 the building was converted into the first clubhouse for Moore Park Golf Club. It was extended in 1921 and continued to be used as the clubhouse until 1926.

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