Randwick Tram Workshop

This is an old photo (dated 1923) of the electrical fitting shop at the Randwick Tramway Workshop located on King Street at what is now the Randwick Bus Depot and Randwick TAFE.

Established in 1881 it originally serviced the steam tram service to Randwick. Over the years it grew and by the 1920s it was one of Sydney’s largest engineering works in Sydney.

At the site were buildings such as an electric mains store, a machine store, a paint shop, a woodworking & body repairs workshop, as well as a blacksmith, boiler and welding shop.

Interestingly it was used to manufacture munitions during each of WWI and WWII.

The workshop closed in 1961, coinciding with the end of trams in Sydney around the 1950s.

These days the buildings help up-skill our workforce as its main use as a TAFE campus.

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Photo courtesy of State Records NSW
Randwick Tramway Workshop Randwick TAFE

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  1. Thank you so much for the items on Randwick/Coogee. My father wrote a poem about my wanting to become a paper boy.There was a small kiosk in King St.,just opposite the main Rand. Tram Workshop entrance. I became a paperboy at age 11 ,in 1955 and sold papers on the trams that ran to Coogee-just past the entrance. The irony was -one afternoon I was selling papers on one of those trams,slipped and fell off. The only person to see me fall was my father who was on his way home from work as a journalist/poet on the Bulletin magazine. The tram continued on its merry way. That was the end of my paper selling career. I have been reminded of all of this by a relative who is doing research for a phd degree. It is a joy to see Wylie’s and Giles’ baths after 50 years of living away from the area.Michael McCuaig.

    April 24, 2017

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