The Rangers Residence, Centennial Park

This is the Centennial Park Rangers Residence located on the hill overlooking the park from near the Robertson Road gates. The Rangers Residence was built in 1898/99 and housed the Head Ranger of Centennial Park for over 100 years.

In 2010 it was refurbished and at the time of writing could be rented on AirBnB for $990 per night.

Just behind the Rangers Residence is Martin Road. An interesting fact is that in the 1900s the land here was sold to raise money to fund the development of the park. However if you were one of the lucky ones purchasing this prime real estate you also had to make sure the design of your home met strict guidelines to ensure the park was only surrounded by elegant houses.

Thank you to the Centennial Parklands website specifically for the information I’ve used for this post. For more information, please visit their website via the links in the sources section below or

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