The touching story behind the Column Garden sundial, Centennial Park

Our previous post was on the Column Garden located at the centre of Centennial Park. This is a photo of the sundial which sits within the Garden and which has a touching story.

This story comes directly from the Centennial Park blog which I would once again like to acknowledge. If you’re interested in more stories like this it’s well worth a visit (see our sources below).

The story behind the origins of the sundial was told to one of the park rangers by an elderly resident in the area. It starts with a sick young girl who was sadly diagnosed with a terminal illness and was spending her last days in her home on the south side of the park.

In those days, passing horses and carts with steel shoes and wheels would make a loud noise as they would grind their way down the street. So the staff from the park kindly took palm tree branches from the park and laid them on the road to muffle the sound and make the girls last days just that little bit more comfortable.

In time the girl tragically passed away. Afterwards the girl’s family donated this sundial as a show of appreciation for the actions of the park’s staff.

While this sad story is unconfirmed, I like to think it is true and find it a heart-warming example of a type of generosity and sense of community that is rarely seen today. Once again, thank you to the Centennial Parklands blog for this story and for allowing me to share it.

Note: I try to be as accurate as possible but make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk.


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