The Narrabeen Man

Today’s exciting post is of … a … BUS STOP! This isn’t just any bus stop though, this is one in the back streets of Narrabeen and is the site of the discovery of the “Narrabeen Man”.

In January 2005, contractors were digging a gas pipeline near this bus stop when they came across the bones which they first thought were of a recent murder victim. But after a police investigation it turned out it was not a recent murder at all but one that happened 4000 years ago. This makes the Narrabeen Man the oldest skeleton found in Sydney and the third oldest found in Australia after Mungo Man and Mungo Lady.

Analysis of the remains found that the man was not buried on his front with hands by the side or across the chest which was the traditional burial posture, but that he was buried on his side with one arm across his head. They also found evidence of spear ends in his body and a slice through the top of his cranium indicating the man was in fact killed in some kind of ritual death.

While there is no known hard evidence, experts agree that the most likely reason for the man’s death was due to punishment for a very serious crime or offence. There are theories that the man was not from the Sydney region due to the presence of his two front teeth since a local regional initiation ritual was for these to be removed. Though this tradition was noted to be current as at the time of white settlement so may not be conclusive.

The Narrabeen Man was approximately 6 foot tall which was tall for Aboriginal men at the time. He was also aged between 30 and 40 years old.

Note: I try to be as accurate as possible but make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk.


The Narrabeen Man

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